Admin Setup - Posting Options


This screen can be used to define a number of system wide invoicing and posting related attributes, such as the desired Billing and Revenue Recognition rates for use in Cost Plus calculations, and which dates are to be used with respect to identifying Labor and Expenses for inclusion in Invoice related processes.   These values are specified at the system level and will be used when posting data for all projects.

The values on this screen must be defined before any Post processes can be initiated.

Should these options be modified after having posted data, future calculations will be determined on the current values and existing / historical entries will not be impacted.


This screen is available to users having the Administrator role.


This screen is available with the Project Tracking, Project Portfolio, and Project Financials family of Unanet licenses.


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Example Posting Options Setup maintenance screen:

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The Default button will set each of the options to a Unanet determined default value.


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