Admin Setup - Per Diem M&IE


This screen can be used to maintain the set of per diem M&IE (Meals and Incidental Expenses)  breakdowns that will be available in your system.

Each Unanet installation will be capable of affecting M&IE reimbursement amounts via configurable per diem policy values.  The actual policy values will control the meal breakdown amounts and partial day proration factors for M&IE reimbursement calculations (performed in the M&IE wizard).  

The calculation of M&IE Per Diem reimbursement requires that all meals provided be deducted from the daily per diem allowance.  The actual per meal deduction can vary by the M&IE allowance.   

Two methods are available for establishing M&IE breakdown amounts.   


This screen is available to users having the Administrator and P&R Administrator role.


This screen is available with the Project Expense, Project Tracking and Project Portfolio family of Unanet licenses.


Topics covered on this help page include:

Example Per Diem M&IE maintenance screen:

Field Descriptions (click on a link below for additional information):



When adding a new entry, the value entered for M&IE Rate must equal the sum of the Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Incidental values.

Meals and Incidental Expense (M&IE) Breakdown Percentage

A default set of percentages will be used to determine the breakdown values for all M&IE rates that are not found in the M&IE breakdown schedule.  These percentages will be defined using three new modifiable Unanet properties:



Default Value

Breakfast Percent

MIE Breakdown Breakfast Percent (unasense.per_diem.mie.breakdown.breakfast.percent)


Lunch Percent

MIE Breakdown Lunch Percent  (unasense.per_diem.mie.breakdown.lunch.percent)


Dinner Percent

MIE Breakdown Dinner Percent (unasense.per_diem.mie.breakdown.dinner.percent)



The property values will be specified in percentage format; i.e., 15 for 15% and 15.5 for 15.5%.

Meals and Incidental Expense (M&IE) Partial Day Proration

In M&IE per diem calculations, the first and last day of a trip are typically considered partial days.  Partial days will have their per diem allowance adjusted based on a pair of configurable proration factors. The proration factors will be specified as percentages and will be defined using two new modifiable Unanet properties:



Default Value

First Day Proration Factor

MIE First Day Proration Percent (unasense.per_diem.mie.first_day.proration.percent)


Last Day Proration Factor

MIE Last Day Proration Percent (unasense.per_diem.mie.last_day.proration.percent)



The property values will be specified in percentage format; i.e., 75 for 75% and 100 for 100%.

If your company policy does not recognize this concept, you may want to set these values to 100.