Admin Setup - Currency Types


This screen can be used to create and maintain the set of Currency Types that will be available for use in your system when entering expense reports.  The system is delivered with a few default values provided and you can add additional or remove sites per your needs.  When setting up the currency codes your company uses, it is important that you specify which of these currencies is your company standard (that is, the currency that all expenses will be converted to and stored).  The currency code you specify in the System Base Currency ( property must match exactly with one of the values in the currency list.   


This screen is available to users having the Administrator and P&R Administrator role.


This screen is available with any Unanet license.


Topics covered on this help page include:

Example Currency Types maintenance screen:

When adding a new currency to your system, the administrator will add a new entry, assigning a "Currency" and "Description" value.  The "Currency" value is what will appear in the expense report drop-down lists.  The administrator can enter any value they would like to track, however, we would strongly suggest the "Currency" value be one of the ISO Standard currency codes.

The list of  "Locales" that can be associated with a currency is currently dictated by the version of Java in use at your site.  Other than determining the format of currency display for the base currency in your installation, the Locale attribute is only used on the expense report preview (when a user enters a value in an expense report in a non-base currency, the expense report preview will reflect the locale specific format). If you are attempting to make available a new currency, and there is no specific Locale that matches your choice, you may be able to find one that is close as this attribute is not involved in the currency conversion at all.

When entering an expense report using an alternate currency, the critical items needed are the currency code and user supplied exchange rate.  To that end, the administrator can control the specific currencies available for each installation using this screen.   

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