IMU Upgrade Instructions

This help page provides detailed instructions to help you upgrade your existing Unanet IMU (Integration Management Utility) installation to the latest version.  If you are new to the IMU and have yet to install it on your system, please see IMU Initial Installation Instructions for help with installation and initial configuration.


It is important to follow the steps below to ensure that your upgrade is successful.  IMU configurations typically involve interfacing with other components outside of the actual IMU (such as the Windows task scheduler) so these instructions are designed to minimize any re-configuration of those components.

  1. Backing up your existing installation

The first and most important step in any upgrade is to backup your existing files.  This step is critical to a successful upgrade as some of the files that you back up will be required later in the upgrade process, so please do not skip this step!!

The easiest way to backup your entire IMU installation is to backup everything at your IMU root location.  This is typically c:\unanet_imu, but you may have chosen a different location on your initial install.  Because your installation may have been further customized to your individual needs, you may also need to backup additional files or directories based on those customizations.

  1. Uninstall the existing Unanet IMU

You can uninstall the Unanet IMU in one of two ways, both of which are acceptable. 

  1. Find the Unanet IMU in the Windows Control Panel->Add/Remove programs area and remove it from there.

  2. Simply delete the Unanet IMU root folder, typically c:\unanet_imu.  Please make sure you have completed step 1, “Backing up your existing installation”, first!!

  1. Download the latest IMU installation

The IMU installation package is available for download from the Unanet Support site.  Log into the support site and click on the Downloading distribution files link. This link explains how to access the distribution site ( On the distribution site, click on the Interfaces tab. Here you can download the Manual Zip File and the latest Import.jar and/or Export.jar file. Note that the Import.jar and Export.jar files are included in the manual zip file, but should you ever need to upgrade either of them separately, you may download them from the support site independently of the IMU.

You can contact Unanet Technical Support should you require assistance downloading the installation package.  Unanet Support and/or Unanet Professional Services personnel will assist you with the installation and configuration of this utility and the accompanying configuration files.

  1. Run the new Install

Once you have downloaded the zip file, open it and double-click on the unanet_imu.bat file and follow the installation instructions.  This will create the IMU directory structure on your system.  Make sure to install the IMU in the same root location as your previous install – this will minimize any compatibility issues you may have with other components involved in your integration.

  1. Overlay the key configuration files

Now you need to overlay some of the key configuration files with the files you backed up from your previous installation.  The files are listed below, and assume the standard default install directory of c:\unanet_imu.  If your installation location was different, please use the appropriate location for your particular installation.


  1. Apply any version specific changes to your configuration files

Look in your root installation directory (c:\unanet_imu by default) and open the file called “releaseNotes.txt”.  This file will contain additional release specific upgrade notes for each release of the IMU.  You’ll want to find the section for the version of the IMU that you are upgrading to and look for a subsection called “Upgrade Instructions.”  

It is important to follow the steps outlined in the appropriate “Upgrade Instructions” section, not only for the release you are upgrading to, but also for any release from the version you were using up through the version you are installing.  This may mean that you must follow the “Upgrade Instructions” for multiple IMU releases depending on how old your installation is. 

  1. Apply any other customizations necessary

Note:  This step will not be required unless you have customized any of the other files in the Unanet IMU installation. 

If you have done any customization to any other IMU files or folders, you may need to re-apply those customizations.  If Unanet’s Professional Services team helped you set up your IMU, most likely this will NOT be the case, as we strive to maintain standard setups which do not require additional customization.  However, if you were an early adopter or customized the IMU yourself, you will need to evaluate the current capabilities (the IMU functionality may have been expanded to include whatever your customization was attempting to accomplish) and determine the appropriate steps to maintain your desired functionality.

Contact Unanet Support if you have any questions.


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