Verify your Upgrade

Once you have finished the upgrade process, you should do a few quick checks to verify that everything was successful.

The topics covered on this page include:

Accessing your Unanet URL

Access your system's URL and verify that you can get to the login page.  

Log in as an Administrator

You should initially validate the current version number via the help about page to make sure the update was successful.

Further, certain releases contain code which will make small changes to the database schema or perform other data conversions when the servlet first starts.  While these processes are running, the system will be in a Restricted Access Mode (that is, only users with the Administrator role can log in).  If any issues occur during this process, they will be reported on the Home Dashboard for Administrative users (errors are also written to the servlet logs).  This is another reason we recommend that you log in as an administrator after performing a migration to verify no error messages were displayed.

If any errors were encountered, the message will indicate the error that occurred and inform the administrator of any problems you may encounter as a result of the failure.  In some cases, you can continue to use your system as normal except for the noted functionality.  In the event this happens, please contact Unanet Support as soon as possible to help resolve the issue.

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