Minor Release Upgrade Check List

How to use the Upgrade Checklist

Follow these steps if you are upgrading from one minor point release to another minor point release within the same major release (e.g. 10.3 .2 to 10.3 .10)  Otherwise, if you want to migrate from one major release to the next (e.g. 10.2 .x to 10.3 .x) see the Migration instructions.

IMPORTANT --  you will only need to download the WAR file from the support site.  DO NOT download the full installation package.

The process of a point release upgrade entails un-deploying your existing war file and deploying the new point release war file. However you will still want to familiarize yourself with the following steps of the point release upgrade process.

Upgrading Unanet to a new point release can be accomplished in a few minutes.   This checklist will walk you through the process.  

You may want to review the System Requirements to be sure you have the necessary versions / current patches of 3rd party components in place before proceeding with this upgrade.

When to Upgrade Tip:   While the upgrade may only take a few minutes, you will see that we recommend backing up your system prior to making any system changes and thus you may want to schedule this activity for periods of low usage or even off hours as a general practice.

The Upgrade Check List below lists the necessary upgrade steps.  

Upgrade Check List

Step 1 - Download Software
Step 2 - Backup your data
Step 3 - Perform the upgrade
Step 4 - Verify the upgrade
Step 5 - Finish Upgrade (and notify Unanet Customer Service)


Once you have completed the instructions for each step, you have several navigation options:


Some steps depend on the components you've chosen for your Unanet environment (i.e., Oracle, SQL Server, Tomcat, etc.) and require some additional navigation.  You'll be asked to choose the correct link in these cases.

Next Step - Begin Your Upgrade

Step1 -- Download Software

Begin with Step 1, obtaining the new war file.