Upgrading Unanet with Tomcat

Depending on the Servlet Engine you are using, the actual upgrade process may differ -- this page focuses on Tomcat  users.

The topics covered on this page include:

Perform the upgrade

Tomcat Undeploy Issue -- If the unanet application still exists after undeploying and refreshing the browser you will need to take additional manual steps.  Occasionally, when undeploying the unanet.war file in Tomcat, two directories and a file associated with it do not remove themselves properly.  Should this occur, the best way to resolve the issue is by stopping the Tomcat service (as a Windows service if running the Windows platform), then removing the file and directories that did not undeploy.  

Path examples of the file and directories that need to be removed are shown below:


Directories to delete (unanet directory only):  



File to delete:


Once these items are removed, restart the Tomcat service, refresh Tomcat Manager in your browser to verify the Unanet application has fully undeployed (no longer exists as an application in the Tomcat Manager). Then, again follow the deployment directions entering the proper information in the 'Deploy directory or WAR file located on server' fields.

Once you have filled out the three fields, click the Deploy button. Depending on the speed of your system, this process may take several minutes. When it is done, the screen should refresh and you will see the appropriate message in the Message section along with the Unanet application listed in the Applications section (see screen shot below).


Having Problems?

If you are experiencing difficulties contact Unanet Customer Support for assistance.

Next Step

Step 4 -- Verify the Upgrade

The next step is to verify that your Unanet System has been successfully updated.