Backup Your Data

Unanet strongly recommends that you backup your system before performing any type of upgrade -- this includes point release upgrades and major release migrations.

The topics covered on this page include:

Backing up your war file

The Unanet software is contained within a "war" file.  This file also contains the help documents, images, etc.  Before you replace your old unanet.war file with a newer one, you should back up the old one to a safe location in case there are any unforeseen issues with your upgrade.  The location of this war file will vary from system to system depending on the options you chose at install time, but most likely it will be in the default unanet root directory (on Windows systems by default, c:\unanet\unanet.war).

Backup your Database

While having a well thought out database backup scheme is important to any system, it is especially important to backup your data before any kind of system update is attempted.  Since minor database changes can occur as a result of point release upgrades, you should backup your database prior to upgrading.  

Instructions for backup up your data will depend on which database your installation is using -- see your system DBA to have the backups completed.

Backup your Configuration / Property Files

While this is not a required step in the upgrade process, it may be a good practice to also preserve any customizations that you have applied to your various configuration files in the event you experience any unforeseen issues during the upgrade process.  These files can be located in your Unanet config directory.

Next Step

Step 3 -- Perform the Upgrade

Once your data is safely backed up, you can proceed to the actual upgrade process.  This process differs slightly depending on your installation's Servlet Engine.  Please choose from the following Servlet Engine Upgrade instructions: