Backup Your Data

Unanet strongly recommends that you backup your system before performing any type of upgrade -- this includes point release upgrades and major release migrations.

The topics covered on this page include:

Backing up your Configuration / Properties Files

What makes your Unanet system unique and tailored to your needs is the configuration files.  These files tell your Unanet system how to connect to your database, what business rules to use, what customized fields should be used, etc.  Since part of migrating to a new major release is uninstalling your old software, it is important to make a backup of your configuration files.  You will be restoring these files in order to maintain your system settings once the migrate is complete.  

Backup all the configuration files in your Unanet config directory (usually in c:\unanet\config).   Keep them in a safe location outside your Unanet directory structure (since you will be deleting these directories and must restore these files in a later step).

IMPORTANT: Note that when restoring these files in a later step, you will not want to overlay the new unanet.dtd file with the copy that you have backed up.  You will want the new unanet.dtd file that comes with the new version to remain.  All other files in your config directory should be updated with the versions that you backed up.

In addition to the files in the config directory, you will also want to backup the c:/unanet/unanet.xml file (for Tomcat installations), which you will need to restore in a later step.

Backup your Database

While having a well thought out database backup scheme is important to any system, it is especially important to backup your data before any kind of change is attempted.  Since major database changes can occur as a result of Unanet migrations, you should backup your database prior to migrating.  

Instructions for backing up your data will depend on which database your installation is using -- see your system DBA to have the backups completed.

Next Step

Step 3 -- Uninstall your existing Unanet Application

Now that the important data is backed up, you will need to uninstall your current Unanet Application.